Reading Vows

This is a post from “Overflowing Bookshelves” (


“This is a list of promises, mostly to myself, that I, as an avid reader, aim to keep. Some are things I do anyway and some are things that I definitely need to work on. I may come back and add more as I think of them.

I will….

do my best to read every day, even if it’s only a chapter.

share books that I loved with others.

make reading goals that are manageable and fun instead of over-reaching and stressful.

stop feeling guilty over the amount of money I spend on books. It’s money I earned and I spend only what’s left after paying bills so it hurts no one.

search for new bookshelves by price because after the 1000$ gorgeous shelves on the first page, nothing else looked good.

do my best to ignore massive hype surrounding a book. If it sounds interesting, I’ll read it, but expecting it to be amazing because everyone else thinks so, that only leads to disappointment.

also do my best to ignore massive amounts of negative reviews for books that sound appealing to me. I have weird taste so I’ll probably end up loving it.

accept that I have weird taste.

stop obsessing every time a book I love has its rights bought to become a TV show or movie because the odds of scenes actually being shot are slim, and even if there’s footage shot, there’s no guarantee we the readers get to see it(looking at you Fox’s Delirium and CW’s Selection).

do my best to keep all these vows.”


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