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The New Sugar and Spice

The New Sugar and SpiceThe New Sugar and Spice by Samantha Seneviratne

Rating: 5 bookmarks

As a culinary student, I’m always looking for recipes or techniques that are different from something you see every day. I love this book because it has chapters like peppercorn, chile, ginger, and savory spices. Some of these things you wouldn’t think could go well in a dessert but they all look amazing! I can’t wait to experiment with these and see which recipes my family likes and I’ll be glad to make them something different instead of something we have every day.


Review for The Twinkies Cookbook


The Twinkies Cookbook: 85th Anniversary Edition

Rating: 4 bookmarks

So the sophisticated side of me wasn’t completely sure about this book but I think it has some fun recipes for the family to make together or have fun with on the weekend! Some of the things in this sound a little strange and I’m not sure if I would ever make them but either way it’s a pretty fun book.