Review for Tacos by Alex Stupak

I recently heard about Alex Stupak through a molecular gastronomy lecture I watched online. I thought the lecture was extremely interesting and at the end, Alex mentioned that he was going to be doing something completely different from what he had been doing by opening a Mexican restaurant. I didn’t realize how old the lecture was until I was amazed by the work he did and I looked him up online. That’s when I found out the restaurant was already open and he had this cookbook out. I was completely set on buying the cookbook because I really wanted the recipes. I got lucky because the next time I logged on Blogging for Books, it was there! Of course, I had to request it and let me tell you, it did not dissapoint! At first I was thinking, how involved can a book about tacos really be? When I started looking through the recipes, I was really impressed with the amount of different ways you can present tacos. They even have some with offal meats in them. I would definitely reccomend this book for anyone who is a fan of Alex Stupak or tacos in general!


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